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For over 20 years, Platinum Paving Dublin has been providing clients with the very highest standard of Wicklow paving.

By combining our years of experience, with the highest quality paving materials and the latest machinery, we can offer superior paving solutions at a competitive price point.
We have the resources, manpower and equipment necessary to complete all sized paving projects. This includes paving for large commercial properties along with smaller residential jobs. No matter the size of the project, clients can expect the same level of service and care.
Our positive reputation around Wicklow is based on our absolute commitment to service, value and quality.

What‘s more, we offer an extensive range of paving and patio solutions. From driveway tarmacadam to granite patios, we have the right paving solutions for the unique aesthetic and requirements of your property.

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Granite patios

Granite patios are becoming the patio paving option of choice for households all over Wicklow. Silver granite slabs add a chic and refined look to a patio. Thanks to the durability of granite, it is a permanent patio solution. The muted, natural colour palate of patio slabs mean they never go out of style. They also are incredibly easy to maintain. For a free Granite patio slab, call us today.


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Sturdy, reliable and long-lasting, tarmacadam remains one of the most popular driveway paving options. The reasons for its popularity is clear. It is strong, clean and can stand up to the weather and the presence of heavy vehicles year after year. Platinum Paving Dublin have been installing tarmacadam around residential, commercial and industrial properties for decades. Our customer service is second to none and we have the resources and expertise to complete all sized tarmacadam projects to the highest of professional standards.


We offer free, no-obligation tarmacadam quotes to clients all over Wicklow. To request a quote get in contact with Platinum Paving Dublin today.

Resin Bound Driveways

A truly modern driveway paving option. Resin-bound surfaces use an innovative clear resin that encapsulates gravel stone. Applied over concrete or tarmacadam base, resin bound driveways are both a clean and modern outside aesthetic choice. The smooth finish of resin bound driveways means it lasts for years with little to no maintenance. Dirt or debris can be easily swept away leaving your Wicklow driveway with a superior and long-lasting sheen.

Resin Bound Driveways

We offer clients all over Wicklow free Resin bound driveway quotes. To request a no-obligation quote get in contact with our offices today.

Paving FAQ

  • How long do tarmacadam driveways last?

    As tarmacadam is weather-resistant and durable, a professionally laid tarmacadam driveway will last over 15 years.

  • How long does it take for a Resin Bound Driveway to dry?

    Once mixed and poured a risen bound driveway will typically take 24 hours to cure and harden. We always recommend waiting at least 48 hours before walking or driving on the newly laid resin.

  • On Granite patios do you install a drainage system?

    Yes, we design the granite patio with drainage in mind. Our granite patio installations make sure that rainwater doesn’t pool in your new patio.